Welcome to mTouch-U

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What is mTouch-U?

mTouch-U enables you to access your Moodle from all modern mobile devices. You can think mTouch-U as a mobile proxy of your Moodle site.

mTouch-U Features

Check which Moodle activities are supported by mTouch-U

Is my mobile device supported by mTouch-U?

mTouch-U supports most of the modern mobile browsers. Please check this out to see if your mobile browser is supported.

How can I use mTouch-U?

Open this page on your mobile device's browser and touch on the Login button on the upper right corner of this page. You will be presented a login form. Please provide your Moodle site url and your Moodle credentials and touch on the Login button.

Who can use mTouch-U?

mTouch-U is focused on Student usage scenarios.

Which Moodle activities are supported?

mTouch-U Features List

Which versions of Moodle are supported by mTouch-U?

mTouch-U supports Moodle 1.9.x and Moodle 2.

Is mTouch-U a paid service?

Here is the pricing roadmap

  • Everybody has access to our public mTouch-U Test Site free of charge
  • We plan to launch a subscription based paid service and we are working on yearly subscription plans for very low prices; probably in range of 1-2 USD

mTouch-U custom branding?

We are prviding custom branding options to the universities and colleges as we currently do for our iOS native apps mTouch and mTouch+

mTouch-U on site installation?

We provide mTouch-U on site installation options to universities, colleges, Moodle Hosting Companies and Moodle Partners.

What about my privacy?

mTouch-U does not collect any private data regarding your Moodle credentials (username and password) or/and Moodle content ( for example your grades and other private data).

How can I contact you?

You can drop us an email using our Contact Us form.